Famous Pottery

Famous Pottery

Famous pottery is something very valued in our culture. Pottery shows us a lot about the past and previous civilizations and what they believed and practiced in their everyday lives. It shows us that art was valued just as much back then as it is now. Famous pottery is not only from the past but is also made in today’s modern times and is just as much appreciated as the pieces of pottery that were made in the past.

A very popular pottery artist is Khaled Ben Slimane who is from Tunisian. Despite being born in Tunisian Slimane became devoted in pottery and studied also in Japan and Spain. Slimanes pottery has his own original feel to it yet is inspired by Andalusian themes and the Berber traditions of Sejenane and Jerba. Culture is very present in his pieces of pottery as his pieces of art are most commonly decorated with Roman motifs and Islamic calligraphy.

Another famous pottery artist is Kathy Butterly. Butterly really focuses on her own unique style of art and is very different from the typical. Her art is very colorful but what makes it so original is that it has many unique twists and folds. Her pottery is considered to be semi-abstract.

Yet another recognizable pottery artist is Antonia Schulze. Schulze made pieces of everyday onjects such as shoes, instuments and even furnity.

Pottery artists all have their own unique ways of making art that is highly appreciated and honored in todays culture by everybody.

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